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Data is just a commodity

Analysis and Research | 28/08/2023

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Leveraging all touchpoints to analyze consumer insight

Analysis and Research | 24/07/2023

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Consumer Cluster Analysis: Why should you analyze the consumer journey?

Analysis and Research | 12/07/2023

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Cluster Analysis: why should you analyze consumer personas?

Consumer personas analysis is one of the competitive advantages of the world's leading B2C companies

Analysis and Research | 26/06/2023

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From point of sales to point of experience

Retail Managers and Consumer Insight Managers can now track insights from each store through dashboards that are updated in real time as you and other consumers are engaged and your brand loyalty grows.

Market focus | 12/05/2023

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Data driven retail

The use of data and insights to inform and optimize retail operations (including inventory management, pricing, marketing, and customer experience) is becoming a standard requirement for the largest and fastest growing retail chains.

Analysis and Research | 11/05/2023

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Cluster Analysis: why are online tribes so strategic?

Analyzing online tribes can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, inform targeted marketing, support reputation management, inform product development, and aid in competitive analysis.

Analysis and Research | 11/05/2023

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Why should you cluster consumers?

In a data-driven world, businesses don't just need data, they need immediately actionable insights to make strategic and operational consumer engagement decisions that drive revenue.

Analysis and Research | 26/04/2023

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Data-driven consumer clustering: why is it important to analyze generations?

Understanding generational differences is helpful in developing marketing and communication strategies that resonate with different age groups.

Analysis and Research | 12/04/2023

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