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Cluster Analysis: why are online tribes so strategic?

Analyzing online tribes can provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, inform targeted marketing, support reputation management, inform product development, and aid in competitive analysis.

Analysis and Research | 11/05/2023

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Why should you cluster consumers?

In a data-driven world, businesses don't just need data, they need immediately actionable insights to make strategic and operational consumer engagement decisions that drive revenue.

Analysis and Research | 26/04/2023

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Data-driven consumer clustering: why is it important to analyze generations?

Understanding generational differences is helpful in developing marketing and communication strategies that resonate with different age groups.

Analysis and Research | 12/04/2023

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Gamified surveys: a new way to engage people

Gamification allows you to engage people (especially Millennials and Generation Z) in fun, game-like surveys: here's how to activate a new touchpoint targeting your brand's consumers and your company's employees by increasing redemption (up to 30 percent) and retention.

Analysis and Research | 05/04/2023

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How to use Analytics and Insights: learn the differences

In a data-driven world, companies not only need to receive data, they need insights that can be immediately used for strategic decisions. So what is the difference between analytics and insights and what opportunities does their analysis offer?

Insights | 29/03/2023

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The challenge of hyper-connection: how to catch the purchasing behaviors of increasingly connected consumers

Hyper-connected consumers have generated new challenges for companies: it is more and more difficult to intercept purchasing behavior and to identify the many influencers that condition consumption choices.

Analysis and Research | 24/03/2023

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