Multinationals need to implement strategies that take into account social and cultural differences that exist across their markets.

Multinationals Notebook

Consumer Deep Insights

Tracking consumer insights internationally is very expensive and complex. This is why we developed effective Consumer Insight Data Intelligence solutions to help companies better understand their consumers, reducing survey and research costs.

Thanks to our innovative technologies and our highly skilled analysts, we provide much more than a simple tool: you will get constantly updated data on your consumers, reducing research costs by up to 70%.

Solutions for Multinational Corporations

Each store turns into a Touchpoint

Thanks to Hyper-local Retail Insights, companies with structured networks of thousands of stores around the world can benefit of an ongoing analysis of consumer insights for each store, with a real-time data visualization.

Multinationals Touchpoint

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Hundreds of Deep Insightsin just a few clicks

Consumers evolve at a hectic pace, so multinationals need to constantly conduct surveys on personas, journeys, lifestyles and consumption habits to stay up to date with the market.

With DigitalMatch, Communication, Marketing and HR departments have access to hundreds of deep insights, optimizing costs and the decision-making process throughout the corporation.

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