Gamified surveys: a new way to engage people

Gamification allows you to engage people (especially Millennials and Generation Z) in fun, game-like surveys: here's how to activate a new touchpoint targeting your brand's consumers and your company's employees by increasing redemption (up to 30 percent) and retention.

Responding to a normal market survey you may have noticed how often these tools are unengaging and boring: white background, black text, endless streams of words, 20 or 30 questions that follow one another, and by the 15th you feel like you've already answered the same question and... you give up!

This is why it is increasingly difficult to engage respondents, especially at the point of sale, where paper forms and questionnaires are often still offered, despite the fact that 85 percent of the western population over the age of 11 owns a smartphone.

Gamified Surveys serve this very purpose: to engage people using visual and textual storytelling, in accordance with the company's marketing and communication campaigns (internal and external).

Gamified surveys can be implemented at points of sale, through your products, and within the workplace (physical and virtual).

Increase engagement and leverage the advantages of gamification

Gamified surveys turn a basic questionnaire into a playful moment using the same dynamics, touchpoints, and interactivity as video games.

There are 4 major levers for engaging people, increasing the redemption and reliability of surveys:

  1. Visual Storytelling: the survey is transformed into a story told through pictures and words;

  2. Objective: every survey involves the achievement of a goal, and the questions must seem to serve this purpose ;

  3. Rewards: any game involves a reward (which is an integral part of the gamification concept) so Gamified Surveys also involve a reward upon reaching the goal;

  4. Technology: Gamified Surveys take advantage of the spread of digital technologies (smartphones, touchscreens, etc.) to connect with people.

A different experience for every consumer survey

An additional advantage represented by Gamified Surveys is the possibility of adapting them to every business need and communication style.

Among the most interesting and effective dynamics identified for B2C companies we have implemented:

  • Shopping experience: to track the likes and dislikes of a store's catchment area (useful, for example, for planning supplies on new collections based on actual customer needs);

  • Co-creation: to devise new products and services in line with market needs. It allows you to initiate value creation processes directly with the actual buyers of your products and services and be inspired by their ideas and preferences;

  • Brand awareness: To assess the impact of the point of sale on brand image and awareness with an effective and engaging tool;

  • Customer Satisfaction: to enable your company to analyze reasons for customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as well as identify brand ambassadors (starting with the net promoter score, we create parallel and complementary response paths for the same items).

Gamified surveys for every moment of the HR journey: human resources surveys

Gamified surveys are an essential tool for those who want to make data-driven HR decisions at any point in the HR journey.

Among the most interesting and effective dynamics identified for companies in HR, we have implemented:

  • Candidate experience: to track insights and aspirations of candidates who come into contact with your company (useful, for example, to check the brand image and attractiveness of your workplace);

  • Co-creation: to envision new processes and best practices in line with the needs of your employees and collaborators. It allows you to initiate value creation processes directly with those working in your company and be inspired by their ideas and needs;

  • People Satisfaction and Corporate Environment: to analyze employees' reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction, as well as identify ambassadors (starting from the net promoter score, we create parallel and complementary response paths for the same items);

  • HR Personas: What types of workers are there in your company? What are their characteristics? What motivates them? Map your HR Personas and find out how to best manage the potential of your talents.

The turnkey gamified surveys project allows you to optimize costs and implementation time, even when you have to initiate surveys of hundreds or thousands of people in multiple locations and across multiple countries.

Do you want to increase the redemption of your surveys? Forget traditional surveys, answering a gamified survey becomes fun and engaging.

Do you have other requirements? No problem: the limit of gamified consumer surveys is your imagination!

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