Analysis and Research

Why should you cluster consumers?

In a data-driven world, businesses don't just need data, they need immediately actionable insights to make strategic and operational consumer engagement decisions that drive revenue.

Analysis and Research | 26/04/2023

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Data-driven consumer clustering: why is it important to analyze generations?

Understanding generational differences is helpful in developing marketing and communication strategies that resonate with different age groups.

Analysis and Research | 12/04/2023

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Gamified surveys: a new way to engage people

Gamification allows you to engage people (especially Millennials and Generation Z) in fun, game-like surveys: here's how to activate a new touchpoint targeting your brand's consumers and your company's employees by increasing redemption (up to 30 percent) and retention.

Analysis and Research | 05/04/2023

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The challenge of hyper-connection: how to catch the purchasing behaviors of increasingly connected consumers

Hyper-connected consumers have generated new challenges for companies: it is more and more difficult to intercept purchasing behavior and to identify the many influencers that condition consumption choices.

Analysis and Research | 24/03/2023

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Consumer Centric Analysis: generational and consumer clusters

Putting the consumer at the center allows companies to flip their perspective and have a more comprehensive and strategic view of their target audiences and clusters.

Analysis and Research | 17/03/2023

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Data is just a commodity

Analysis and Research | 28/08/2023

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Leveraging all touchpoints to analyze consumer insight

Analysis and Research | 24/07/2023

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Consumer Cluster Analysis: Why should you analyze the consumer journey?

Analysis and Research | 12/07/2023

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