Consumer Insight Data Intelligence, Social Media e Personal Branding

«At InTribe, we conduct predictive surveys on consumer insights, integrating statistical methodologies with open data analysis. By evolving market surveys, we help B2C companies gain an in-depth understanding of their target audience and the development of consumption in increasingly digitized markets».

"Before buying a product or service, we buy a positive and constructive relationship with the people who offer that product or service"

InTribe CEO Mirna Pacchetti talks about Consumer Insight Data Intelligence, Social Media and Personal Branding for Business Celebrity Magazine.

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Codemotion Event

"Developers and Companies" Observatory

InTribe on stage at #HRmeetsDev to present the "Dev and Companies" observatory

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Assim Forum 2022

Reduce survey costs with Consumer Insight Data Intelligence

InTribe Workshop for ASSIRM MRF 2022

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