Why should you cluster consumers?

Have you ever thought about how many facets each person has?

Every one of us is a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, character aspects, generational insights and more.

In fact, who we are is not a one-size-fits-all, one-directional aspect; rather, our personality is rich and multifaceted.

1. Generational characteristics

We are first and foremost defined by our socio-demographic characteristics: our gender, where we live, and how old we are. Our age is directly related to our generational characteristics.

Being born at one point in history and coming of age at another has a huge impact on our behavior, values, and consumption habits. Therefore, clustering consumers into generations is fundamental to better communicate and market products and services that truly meet people's needs.

2. Macro-cluster

Using complex analytical methods, each person can also be assigned to specific macro-clusters that describe how they act and buy based on two main drivers: purchasing power and technological familiarity.

These macro clusters are: the Creative Class, the Normies, the National Populars and the Digital Followers.

3. Consumer personas & journey

Going deeper still, each of us corresponds to a consumer persona with well-defined characteristics and a specific and highly articulated consumer journey between online and offline.

4. Online tribes

Finally, each person has a specific consumption behaviour based on personal passions and characteristics, such as being a parent, a traveler or a food lover.

Based on these passions and personal characteristics, we also belong to specific online tribes: peers and influencers with whom we share what we like most and what is central to our lives.

5. Actionable Insights: strategic information about your target

All of these aspects make each individual unique, complex to understand, and increasingly difficult to engage on- and offline.

In a data-driven world, businesses don't just need data, they need immediately actionable insights to make strategic and operational consumer engagement decisions that drive revenue.

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