Consumer Centric Analysis: The Kaleidoscope of the Consumer

Although people have multiple facets, companies are usually inclined to analyze their purchasing and consumption behaviors from socio-demographic characteristics and possibly other specific characteristics such as, for example, being a parent.

Evaluating only a few aspects of consumer personality and buying habits can lead to strategic evaluation errors, resulting in communication, product and positioning mistakes. The solution to this problem is to implement multiple analyses that reveal the many facets of the consumer.

The consumer-centric vision

Have you ever thought about how many facets every single person has? Each of us is a kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, character aspects, generational insights and more.

Indeed, who we are is not a one-size-fits-all, one-directional aspect; rather, our personality is rich and multifaceted. We are first and foremost defined by our socio-demographic characteristics: the place where we live, how old we are (thus our generational characteristics) and our gender.

Using complex analytical methodologies, each person can also be traced back to specific macro clusters that delineate how they act and buy based on two main drivers: purchasing power and technological familiarity.

Going deeper still, each of us corresponds to a consumer persona with well-defined characteristics and a specific and highly articulated consumer journey between online and offline. Finally, everyone enacts specific consumption behaviors based on personal passions and characteristics (e.g., being a parent, being an executive, loving travel, etc.).

All these facets make each of us unique, complex to understand, and increasingly difficult to engage on and off line.

Actionable Insight: strategic information about your target

In a data-driven world, companies don't just need to receive data: they need actionable insights that can be used immediately for strategic decisions.

In the next articles, we illustrate how to track and analyze actionable insights that allow you to uncover the specific and unique characteristics of your target audience and consumer clusters of interest to answer these questions:

  • What should the products presented to the target audience look like?

  • How much and how does the use of technology influence purchasing patterns and purchases themselves?

  • Which social networks engage the target audience? And which influencers?

  • What places (virtual and physical) aggregate the target audience and catalyze purchases?

  • What are the emotional drivers of purchase?

  • What communication most engages the target audience and is most effective?

  • What triggers purchases?

  • What should brands do to reflect the values of the target audience?

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