EconomyUp: Intribe among the 28 Italian startups for Retail

From payments to logistics, delivery to data analytics, virtual and augmented reality to sustainability, there are many fields in which retail startups operate.

InTribe is among 28 Italian startups to keep an eye on in the retail world according to EconomyUp - Digital360, which has made a selection of innovative startups, but also scale-ups, that have made their mark in recent years and months in Italy because they have received funding, forged important partnerships, won recognition and awards, or simply because their innovative ideas are making their way into the industry.

If you're looking for innovative solutions to engage people entering your stores while collecting data and insights, Hyper-local Retail Insights is the consumer insight technological solution that might just be right for you.

Here is what they say about us

"InTribe, a startup founded in 2016 from the idea of two female entrepreneurs, Mirna Pacchetti and Marzia Di Meo, deals with market cognitive surveys through consumer insight projects which, starting from the careful observation of data, aim to understand needs and future purchase choices. It conducts consumer insight data intelligence projects to deliver advanced analyses of consumer needs, lifestyles, habits and evolutions. Through the use of game logic with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, InTribe makes participation in market surveys interactive and engaging. InTribe was among the winners of MIA – Miss In Action, the first accelerator in Italy for innovative female startups and SMEs." (EconomyUp)

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