About Us

We are a consumer insight and market research tech company. Since 2016 we’ve been using data and insights to help large B2C companies and multinationals understand consumers in depth.

Data and insights are key to understanding consumers both on brand level and in each single store.


We constantly invest in technological development to improve our softwares and adapt them to the latest trends and the need of companies for analyzing consumer data in a systematic and effective way.


Mirna Pacchetti

CEO & Senior Qualitative Analyst

Marzia Di Meo

COO & Senior Tech Project Manager

Marco Ravagnan

Senior Analyst

Paolo Consalvi

Data Scientist & ML Developer

Elena Patetta

Qualitative Data Analyst

Roberto Cucuzza

Roberto Cucuzza

Senior Front-End Developer

Consuelo Limina

Senior Graphic Designer


C/o Talent Garden Calabiana
Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 6
20139 Milano

Operating Office:
c/o Quazar Coworking
Via Giuseppe Maria Emiliani, 2
48018 Faenza (RA)