"My company? It's unique!", InTribe speaks at Gi Group event

The event "My company? It's unique! Employer branding and talent attraction: strategies to attract the talent you need" was held at Palazzo del Lavoro in Milan by Gi Group.

A moment for sharing in which the CEO of InTribe, Mirna Pacchetti, discussed how to make the best use of the different channels of employer branding & talent attraction in a market characterized by skill shortage, starting with data and deep insights on the labor market that provide valuable information to fully understand all the generations within the workforce.

Together with the other speakers, Zoltan Daghero (Managing Director of Gi Group), Alessandro Nodari ( Candidate Management & Employer Branding Senior Director), Chiara Bugini (Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Coach) and more than 100 participants, we discussed a current and crucial issue for companies and their competitiveness.

Deep insights and ready-to-use HR data are already available on DigitalMatch to understand how different generations (Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers) approach the workplace, HR personas and HR journey, and information on industry trends such as Diversity and Great Resignation. Find out how to get them.


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