Mirna Pacchetti & Marzia Di Meo among the Female Founded startups who are driving innovation in Italy

InTribe CEO Mirna Pacchetti and COO Marzia Di Meo are among the female startup founders who are making waves and challenging conventional gender conventions in Milan's startup scene, according to GrowthGirls.
"These women are challenging stereotypes, embracing innovation, and having a huge impact across a range of sectors."

"The efforts and accomplishments of female founders play a crucial part in determining Milan’s success as it continues to develop as a popular startup location. Their creative thinking, tenacity, and perseverance are not only fueling economic progress, but they are also dispelling prejudices and opening doors for next generations of female entrepreneurs."

The main concept behindInTribe is to use gamification strategies together with a proprietary algorithm to increase the efficiency and engagement of market surveys. They want to increase participant engagement and enjoyment with the survey by introducing gamification. Their strategy is strengthened even further by the application of artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to deliver and analyze surveys in real time.

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